Archery 101: The Bow

If you’ve ever seen an archer draw an arrow with such finesse and launch it skilfully towards the bullseye, you’ll think to yourself ‘Wish I could do that’ almost instantly. Well, we’re telling you that you can; in fact, if you’re really into archery, you can become a skilled bowman before the next archery season as well.  But before you can actually hunt game using sticks and strings, you must first figure out what sticks and strings you can use.

Traditionally, long bows have been crafted using plies of wood to get that deadly and forceful launch; these bows are hard to operate and can even injure you if not used correctly. Many still prefer using these kinds of bows on hunting trips because of their power but if you’re a beginner, you’re better off with a bow that has adjustable limbs and cams that let you tune it to suit you best – this is what a compound bow is.

You can find many affordable compound bows for beginner archers both online and from dedicated hunting stores. This mechanical bow is lightweight, durable and most importantly customizable; you can adjust things such as the draw weight and the draw length to determine how far you want your arrow to go, which conversely effects how much strength you need to draw said bow. This way you can focus practicing your aim instead of your range.

It’s very easy for a new shooter to get discouraged if they can’t shoot right, and this is where having the ability to adjust the bow to what you want to practice is always a good idea. A good bow should suit the person using it, which is why it’s a good idea to do some research before you go ahead and buy the coolest looking or best-selling bow out there.