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Getting Children Interested in The Outdoors

We have all seen enough articles on the newspaper as well online, ironically, that the people today are now consuming too much social media, that too much screen time is bad for our health, how children and adults alike are now opting to stay inside with their phones, laptops etc. rather than going out. While I am not going to outright deny the problems that come with excessive screen time, I am however not going to advocate completely cutting off technology either.

Trends change throughout every generation and you cannot deny the role it plays in our lives. However, you can always cut the amount of screen time for yourself as well as your family. So, you need to direct yours and your children’s attention elsewhere, namely towards outdoor or physical activities to keep them stimulated.

You cannot expect change to happen overnight, in fact, it is recommended to start out small. You can dedicate an hour every day to spending outside as a family. You could just be sitting in the porch but everyone is together without any phones or devices for distraction. You can start weekend family trips. You can camp, hike, go on a boat ride etc. However, it is important to remember that children today require more stimulation, so you need to be creative to keep them interested. You can include props and getups for your trips. For example, a boat ride or fishing trip can be made even better if you add in pirate costumes, play as pirates. You can find costumes and the entire getup, you can even find pirate telescopes to buy online as well. Similarly, a hiking or camping trip can be made fun with promises of a legend and maybe treasure etc. The more you stimulate their imagination, the more fun they will have and the more memories you will later have to look back on.