Ultrabook™ Experience Software Contest

Got a great idea? You can still be part of the future of personal computing

The initial phase of the Ultrabook™ Experience Software Contest has now closed to new entries, and the 30 nominee software ideas have been chosen. If you have a great idea for a piece of Ultrabook™ software do read on!

Expand this tab to see a number of resources to help bring your idea to life and join Intel in building the next generation of personal computing experiences through innovative hardware and software.

The Ultrabook™ is a new generation of devices that combines the most desired features and capabilities of a PC and tablet, without compromising on performance or battery life. Users want their personal mobile devices to be sleek, attractive, have all-day battery life and deliver engaging user experiences through natural interfaces like speech, gestures and touch.

With more than 20 committed OEM designs and over a 100 in the pipeline for the next generation of Ultrabook systems coming out later this year, we expect devices to ship in large volumes by the end of 2012.

The nominee developers are now beavering away on building working software for the Ultrabook™ Experience Software Contest finale on 6th November 2012. Three software titles will be chosen for the innovative ways they use the speech, touch and gesture features of the next-generation of Ultrabook™ devices.

Below are a number of resources to help take your software from an idea to a fully functioning product for the next generation of Ultrabook™ devices. There are also links to the Intel® Software Network Ultrabook™ Community where you can read articles, download resources and discuss software development for Ultrabook devices with like-minded developers.

Intel is strongly committed to supporting the development of Ultrabook™ related content, software applications and tools to ensure the devices are engaging for consumers.