Details About The Driving Packages Offered by The Best Driving School in Gold Coast, Australia

We wish to attract the attention of those people who are looking for driving schools in the area of Gold Coast, QLD. It does not matter whether you wish to learn how to drive an automatic car, a manual car or whether you are striving to be a leaner or just wish to upgrade your style; we have the perfect driving school for you. The school is run by two highly talented individuals who are also part of the team of the instructors and they take on new students who wish to learn or people who just wish to upgrade to automatic or manual way of driving.

We are talking about Upper Coomera Driving School which is no doubt the best of the best when it comes to Gold Coast driving schools. If you wish to gain more information about the school then you can easily visit the website where you will also find the option of booking for a course online. This option has proven handy to many of the clients as they did not have to go all the way to the school just to register themselves.

Different Packages

There are different discount packages which are offered by the institute and some of them are 3 x 1 hour driving lesson package which is for $180, 4 x 1 hour driving lesson package which is for $240, 6 x 1 hour driving lesson package which is for $360 and finally, 10 x 1 hour driving lesson package. If you do not understand the calculations of the package or if there is any other confusion, we recommend that you call up Upper Coomera Driving School and have the person break down the prices and hours.