How to Buy a Good Bong: Get The Best High!

If what you want is to get the best high of your life, then first you need to get your own bong, and of course it needs to be a pretty good one.

The thing with bongs is that they are superior to what a normal and cheap pipe can offer. Heck, it’s even better than what a high-end pipe can offer.

But as you can easily guess, not all the pipes are the same, and due to this you need to be very careful. Because you can end up buying something that will disappoint you quite a lot. So come with us and check what to know when buying a bong.

Plastic: Your Worst Enemy

I REALLY don’t know how some buying guide can recommend plastic bong as a good option. Repeat it with me: They are NOT good, even those high-end plastic bongs. They are junk and you should stay away from them?

But why brother? Why are you a hater of plastic bongs? The thing is that they will undermine the taste of the weed and turn it into a disgusting thing. If you really want to get a good high, then you need to forget about plastic at all. It’s only going to make your experience a pretty bad one.

The best advice I can give you is to buy a bong which is made of full glass and which is not so cheap. Something around $80 is enough to bring you a pretty good high.

So just remember that plastic is your worst enemy and you will be fine. Nothing else you need to worry about, just make sure it is made of glass and you are good to go, that’s what you need to do.