Is The Actual Technological Advancement a Mistake?

Have you ever been struck by such thought? Have you thought even if only for a second that the current technological advancement may be not right? If you have done so, then you are not alone. This is a common scenario these days, just like it was during the Industrial Revolution.

It’s normal to feel like this because this is, in fact, not “natural” at all. The current technological advancement is more like an extension of what being a human being means.

It Has Happened Before:

Back in the times of the Industrial Revolution, there was a group of people who were against the technological advancements of the time, because they believed it was going to take their jobs away and harm the world.

Nowadays we know that they were not quite right, but it’s normal to fear such things, because they are not natural and they are totally strange for us in many cases. Therefore, the fear for the chance is totally easy to understand, because it’s new and strange to us.

But we cannot allow such fear to reign us, although, these groups of persons who are against technological advancement as a whole or in certain areas still hold some valid arguments we have to take into account.

Affecting Evolution:

We are not yet with evolution. In other words: We have not finished evolving, and this process won’t stop. We’re constantly molding ourselves to our environment in order to maximize our chances for surviving.

But the problem with these modern times is that we are creating an environment which is affecting our health and turning us into “inferior” versions of ourselves. How so? You just need to look at how much testosterone levels have dropped in men, and it’s vastly due to the bad food they eat and how entertainment technology is making us sedentary.

Technology advancement is great when it helps us, as a community, to progress. When it adds value to our lives and solves different problems. But when it’s used in such a bad manner like most people do, like they are glued to their phones and videogames, then there’s a big problem to be addressed and solved before it’s too late.

These are the problems to be addressed and solved. We are turning our environment into something too safe and secure for us, and this is killing us in fact. This is killing us in a deeper level, and we cannot see it.

Technological advancement is alright, what’s not right is that we are allowing the latest advancements in entertainment technology to control us, to turn us into its slaves. Will you keep going this same way? Will you allow this to continue the same way? Because it has got to stop!

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