Services Offered By Log House In Ireland

Wooden cabins hold a charm of their own that no other building can ever have hence living in log houses is an experience of a lifetime and everyone should go through it at least once. If you live in the western world, you can easily buy or rent a wooden cabin to spend your vacations in. It might be hard to believe but many people actually live in log houses all their life, especially in Europe. Log houses are not a structure that would fit in the city so they are usually built in and near forests and they help blend in the peaceful atmosphere of nature.

If you live in Ireland and we have got you interested in log houses then you should definitely check out the company called Log House which was officially started back in 2007 but the factories of the company have been in operation since 1995. The company is the finest one to build log houses all over Ireland and they have a record of innumerable successfully built log houses. Log House is not only a successful company on its own; it is a portion of a Log Cabin Group which operates in other countries (around 20 of them) in European Union.

The team of the company is made up of talented and experienced architectures, in-house sale associates, designers and project managers. The dynamic team is responsible for building a magical cabin for the client according to the design given by the client or the one that the client has chosen. The company is famous for building cabins that are made up of different rooms and they do up to five rooms. They also have experience in building garden outbuildings and gym for the clients.