Services Provided by Ammons Pittman

Ammon Pittman is a property managing company which is operational since last 40 years in the Raleigh region. George Pittman, who initially invested in the business, has worked very hard to climb the ladder of success. He and his son, Jason Pittman now work together.

There are many services they provide at their property management company. Below are few of them:

Rent Collection: There are many challenges that property owner faces while collecting rent when it is due such as they live far from their property or have several other units etc. The system that is designed by Ammon Pittman helps collect rent in the easiest way possible.
Screening Process: Ever heard of tenants who property owners just can’t bare? Well, one of the services at Ammon Pittman allows the property owner to make sure that the people he/she is lending his/her property to be decent and also respect deadlines of rent.

Such people are not easy to find. The company verifies criminal standing, credit score, financial liability and other things that may lead to clues of either lending the property to certain individuals or not.

Report: A financial report is processed at Ammon Pittman every month so you stay in the loop and also stay updated with what your property is going through. They are professional at what they do so their financial report is one of the things you must look forward to.

Advertising: One of the most important aspects of marketing these days is the advertisement. At Ammon Pittman, the team understands the value of advertising so it makes sure that it gets you the best deal in town. They also take care of the competitors alongside.

You can read more about them on their official website that is