The Comfortable Vacation

There is one thing that I absolutely need regardless of where I am or what situation I am in. I need to be comfortable. I personally value comfort very highly and I always choose to go with the more comfortable option, given that it is not a huge inconvenience in any other way, when I have a choice. Even when I am on vacation I love being in a good hotel, hostel, or apartment (provided they have affordable prices) and I love being spoilt when I have my days off. This is why I personally find it very important that I stay in a nice, clean place that has ample room and all the comforts of home and then some whenever I am out somewhere vacationing. For this reason I really put a bit of work in to research all the different possible places I can stay at before making a choice.

On my last trip to Australia, my research came in handy as I found one of the best places to stay at while in the country. The Constellation Apartments, which you can book by going to their website at, at Margaret River are all you could ever want as your personal crash pad while you are on vacation. This luxury apartment complex in Western Australia has everything I needed and more to enjoy my vacation. This place is considered to be one of the best lodgings in all of Australia and for good reason. Perfect for a couple staying there, me and my girlfriend had access to two super clean and well kept individual bathrooms, a gourmet level kitchen, and even our own dining area. We were treated to locally cooked cuisine for breakfast and dinner and had all the privacy we needed at all times of the day.